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About Us

PLM provides professional Facility Management services.

About Us

PLM Facility Management

PLM has been providing professional Facility Management services to the domestic and international markets for 35 years.

The client lies at the heart of our clearly aligned strategy, which is anchored in three key factors: our team, our services and our technology.

Our whole internal structure has been designed and crafted with the client in mind and the delivery of customised services to clearly defined segments.

For us, the client is at the centre of everything we do. This is where we focus all our efforts and energy, and our determination to provide maximum satisfaction.
The PLM team is made up of specialist professionals, experts in understanding each client’s specific needs and then meeting these by implementing innovative solutions that have been custom fit to the realities of each job. Our success can be attributed to the building of multidisciplinary teams that facilitate the sharing of knowledge and, thus, the provision of services that incorporate the best professional practices.

PLM services have been structured to produce innovative, technology-based solutions that respond directly to market needs. Our entire working methodologies has been developed and fine-tuned to meet client needs, by delivering value creation, excellence of service and client satisfaction, all in line with the prevailing legislation and standards and underpinned by resident local teams that offer nationwide coverage.

Technology plays a predominant and decisive role in the across-the-board control and monitoring of our service provision. This is why our work is anchored in both the Prisma 3 Maintenance Management software and our team of more than 170 employees, distributed throughout delegations to support our clients across the country.


To be a reference company in our areas of expertise, recognized for the excellence of our services throughout the national territory, in Facility Management and Maintenance services.


To create and add value to our clients’ property assets, by providing individualised and optimised solutions that line up precisely with their specific needs and by maintaining close relationships with our clients, employees and partners.


PLM is organized around key values (Integrity, Personalization, Commitment, Rigor and Excellence) that guide the activity of our professionals as they take on responsibilities, make decisions and provide the best service to our clients.



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